Source Code Review

Source Code survey finds concealed vulnerabilities, plan imperfections, and checks if key security controls are actualized. Secnic utilizes a blend of examining devices and manual survey to distinguish unreliable coding rehearses, indirect accesses, infusion defects, cross site scripting imperfections, shaky treatment of outer assets, frail cryptography, and so forth.

The Security Code Review Process


The initial step of a security code audit is to lead a through investigation of the application took after by the making of an exhaustive risk profile.


Our specialists concentrate the code design to build up a particular code commentator plan, and uses a mixture approach where computerized sweeps are confirmed and a custom manual audit is performed.


Once the code is broke down, the following stride in the security code survey process is to confirm existing defects and create reports that give arrangements.

The Security Code Advantage

Quicker Results

Effectively identify blemishes through code examination and keep away from the need to send test information to the application or programming since access to the whole code base of the application is accessible.

Exhaustive Analysis

Assess the whole code design of the application including ranges that wouldn’t be examined in an application security test, for example, passage focuses for various sources of info, interior interfaces and mixes, information taking care of and approval rationale, and the utilization of outside API’s and systems.

Beat Testing Limitations

Reveal vulnerabilities and recognize assault surfaces that computerized code examines miss utilizing security code audits to recognize frail calculations, distinguish configuration defects, find uncertain arrangements and spot unreliable coding hones.

Make Reports

Create security code survey reports that incorporate an official synopsis that rundowns qualities and shortcomings and gives definite discoveries that incorporate exact code based arrangements and fixes.

Give Solutions

Secure touchy information stockpiling and recommend exact arrangements altered for your designers with code level proposals that incorporate more thorough checks to discover all occasions of regular vulnerabilities.

Meet Compliance Standards

Fulfill industry directions and consistence benchmarks including PCI DSS norms.