Data Lifecycle Management

The most imperative and basic part of any association is information and its administration. In each association there is colossal trade of information at each example of time. Information handled is sent to numerous substances, including outsiders, specialists, accomplices and clients. Clients are progressively utilizing cell phones as an advantageous medium for expanding business execution. Thus, basic information gets put away and handled through cell phones. Availability to the Internet has turned out to be all the more a standard than an alternative.

Cloud/Virtualized foundation has turned into the most looked for after idea for diminishing IT consumption. Information is no longer handled inside your own particular secure environment, however prepared in the cloud – whose area is not known to the end purchasers.

Challenges Faced……

Data leakage through internet channel
Mishandling of customer data
Accidental transfer of critical data
Insecure Backup
Use of high end gadgets leading to extensive data access

Unauthorized access to data stored in printer
Inability to control access to large data
Leaking of data by contract staff
Improper data disposal
Regulatory/compliance issue due to mismanagement of data

Secnic DLM framework provides a holistic approach to manage the data in a manner which aides in improving business processes and ensures security of the business critical and customer sensitive data.


  • Program based approach leading to effective risk mitigation
  • Customized scenarios, rule sets, and templates
  • Enhance ROI due to customized data security solution
  • Integrated and centralized view of data security risks and controls
  • Data governance model supported by complete solution deck.