Mobile App Security Penetration Testing

Smart phones need smart security

Secnic’s versatile application security administrations is intended to achieve the correct amalgamation of unhindered development yet with a control over malignant assaults and dangers while managing portable application security.  Secnic will make you solid with the resistances of the application itself, as well as the servers it connects with.

Understanding the hazard and prerequisite for security, Secnic has concocted two sorts of administrations MPT and SCR to make the application evade shots. We test the application for OWASP Top 10 and additionally other Mobile Application confirmation Criteria.

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Portable Application Penetration Test

This test will permit us to know the application helplessness and how effectively it can be misused with the introduced application on the cell phones. This evaluation is finished by acting like enrolled client furthermore unknown client. This procedure includes working of custom danger profiles according to particular profiles. These tests are accomplished for acknowledgment of distinguished dangers and security against them.

Versatile Application Source Code survey

This test is accomplished for defencelessness ID at source code level. Evaluation endeavour is done to recognize powerlessness at code level which can be abused by the enlisted client. Custom risk profiles are made and utilized for testing as a part of this strategy. Versatile Application security Testing Assessments should be possible for different portable OS biological system.

Our Promise

The defencelessness appraisal is directed as per driving worldwide security gauges. We utilize our exclusive apparatus, CVA, for quick and exact inspecting of every framework and for delivering adjustable reports. The reports can be adjusted to any of the administrative standard that your association is required to agree to. Our group of talented security experts then physically checks the device comes about and gives proposals to moderating the recognized security issues.

You’re Wins

You will have point by point report of all the helplessness found in the server, OS and server application with which you can be protected and secure having physical and legitimate arrangement. No more trade off on the secrecy of data inside and remotely. Shortcoming can be overcome and security can be fortified more than ever and with worldwide models in the meantime.