NESA Compliance

NESA remains for National Electronic Security Authority and is an administration foundation that expects to give strict rules to associations to keeping their data security capacities in accordance with the most astounding benchmarks to stay away from digital security dangers. The consistence necessities are illustrated under the UAE IA Standards which oblige associations to actualize them over their data resources and supporting frameworks.

Consistence with NESA UAE IA Standard is obligatory for all UAE government substances and different elements distinguished as basic by NESA as it is a fundamental feature of the National Cyber Security Strategy furthermore frames as the base necessities for incorporating the Sector and National stages. For all other UAE substances, NESA profoundly prescribes taking after the rules on a willful premise, so as to take part in raising the country’s base security levels.

Associations that take after these consistence prerequisites accomplish various advantages including more noteworthy assurance of their data resources, and encouraging of a security-cognizant culture that is helpful for conquering rising security challenges.

What does it include?

The UAE IA Standards advance an existence cycle approach for setting up, executing, keeping up, and consistently enhancing Information Assurance. This life cycle approach guarantees constant change of the UAE’s Information Assurance capacities in light of all around characterized exercises.

  • UNDERSTANDING an element’s as well as segment’s data security prerequisites and the need to set up an arrangement and destinations for data security
  • Leading danger appraisals, recognizing suitable hazard treatment activities, and selecting controls to deal with the dangers
  • Executing and working security controls to oversee data security chances with regards to the element’s or area’s general business dangers
  • Checking and surveying the execution and adequacy of the data security procedures and controls
  • Guaranteeing consistent change in light of target estimations

NESA Compliance Management Solution (NESA-CMS)

A completely oversaw answer for digital security consistence prerequisites of NESA UAE IA Standard.

Secnic refined mastery in making data security answers for ventures gives it monstrous believability to empower association meet NESA consistence benchmarks. Our NESA consistence benefit incorporates industry’s first completely overseen arrangement called NESA Compliance Management Solution (NESA-CMS). This is a one-stop bundle for substances who are commanded by NESA to show their consistence to the stringent digital security prerequisites of UAE IA standard. It is critical for elements to comprehend that showing of beginning consistence will be begin of voyage and not the end. Substances should every year showcase their sustenance and expanding development of digital security controls to the area controllers and thus to the NESA powers. To this end, oversaw model of NESA-CMS will be a stretched out arm to the substances to proficiently and viably deal with their consistence necessities on a progressing premise.

NESA-CMS is composed of 5 main solution components

  • Solution Component 1- Managed NESA GRC
  • Solution Component 2- Managed Network Security
  • Solution Component 3- Managed Endpoint Security
  • Solution Component 4- Managed Mobile Device Security
  • Solution Component 5- Managed Security Testing & Monitoring

Secnic’s NESA compliance service includes implementing entities with the flexibility to choose the desired solution component as per their business & compliance requirement.