Security Intelligence

Insight is the way to ensure data. Data that is continuous can help you to distinguish dangers even before they happen, enabling you to keep your data protected and sound.

It is simple for any association to be bushwhacked by an aggressor because of insufficient data on the earth and the present danger scene. To keep security episodes in associations from going undetected, Secnic gives administrations intended to research, assemble, minister, dissect and distribute advisories on the most recent dangers and vulnerabilities.

Secnic offers various intelligences like:

  • Vulnerability Intelligence

    Vulnerabilities influencing your association’s advantages are highlighted to help you survey the effect from introduction over your IT framework

  • Threat Intelligence

    Point by point investigation of the most recent rising dangers, risk performing artists and assault designs that incorporate data on Malware, its variations, capacities, qualities and Instruments, strategies and methods (usual methodology) of danger on-screen characters

Vulnerability and Threat Intelligence can be co-related and introduced for your association.

  • Strategic Security Intelligence Reporting

    Security apropos occasions, patterns, and issues being talked about at a worldwide level alongside connections to most recent counseling reports distributed by driving security look into offices. This report is conveyed by means of Email furthermore distributed on our client entryway.

  • Monthly analysis report

    Historical Analysis of threat events identified for monitoring customers to discover

    • Hidden attacks
    • Suspicious traffic patterns that could be an indicator of an ongoing fraud
    • Persistent threat actors adopting low and slow attack techniques to evade detection
    • High level view of threat landscape affecting the organization