SIEM Solutions

Security Information and Event Management is developing in prominence not just on the grounds that it serves as a security device, additionally because of the way that it guarantees consistence with a few principle mechanical and administrative security models. By directing an inside and out investigation of your IT foundation, Secnic will recognize, organize; and react to dangers inside your system, permitting you to:

  • Take full favorable position of versatile, remote and cloud-based capacities.
  • Neutralize assaults before they bring about any harm to your business.
  • Comply with industry-particular and government controls.

Notwithstanding our broadness of SIEM aptitude, Secnic backs SIEM arrangements through day in and day out checking of your IT framework from our cutting edge Operations Center (Optional). This permits us to recognize potential vulnerabilities and shortcomings inside your framework. At that point, we give you the correct assets to react to them in the most ideal way.