Software Security Assessment

Worked in security from idea to improvement

Secnic SSAP guarantees that your product application(s) are outlined, created and conveyed in a safe situation from the earliest starting point.

Business centered security

Secnic SSAP watches out for the business and additionally security suggestions your product has on your association and will keep on doing so well after organization.

Distinguish dangers and vulnerabilities well before sending

Secnic SSAP helps your association keep away from regular and in addition developing security dangers and vulnerabilities your application has or may have well before the organization arrange.

Versatile and repeatable process

Our SSAP is a repeatable and adaptable process which can be stretched out to all applications in your association. The product security system created as a component of the venture empowers your association choose the arrangement of utilizations and the recurrence the different security tests should be directed.

Abnormal state security mindfulness preparing

Distinguish security vulnerabilities and bugs in your product or application because of shaky coding practices or mistakes.

Benefit Features

Our SSAP depends on six stages in particular current state evaluation (in light of OpenSAMM system), chance appraisal (counting both specialized and process evaluation), security standard definition

Current state appraisal

As a major aspect of the appraisal, current abilities identified with programming security will be benchmarked against Open SAMM Framework. The four modules inside Open SAMM i.e.. Administration, Construction, Verification and Deployment. The 12 security hones under the four security areas will be confirmed. An agenda and meeting based approach will be considered for the appraisal.

At long last as a feature of the present state evaluation, development rating against Open SAMM development levels will be distinguished.

Security Standards Definition

As a major aspect of this stage security gauges will be created for each of the basic applications for which the hazard evaluations were led. The norms will be created contemplating the evaluation comes about and the business prerequisites and the specialized confinements assuming any. The advancement guidelines may incorporate secure coding and applications security standard; Deployment norms will incorporate the gauge security principles for the working framework, databases and programming security devices; Process survey will bring about meaning of use checking benchmarks.

Chance Assessment

Application particular evaluation will be directed from stage 2 onwards of the SSAP. The basic applications for the association might be recognized and chance evaluation will be directed for those arrangement of uses. Hazard evaluation action is part into four unique levels of appraisals covering Design audit (plan archives and the security necessities of the application will be assessed), Development survey (source code audit and application security testing), Deployment Review (fundamental foundation of the applications and the product security apparatuses will be explored) and process survey (audit of the procedures followed in application advancement and support)

SSA Governance and Process Definition

As a major aspect of this stage, the representing strategies and methods for the accomplishment of SSAP will be characterized alongside the parts and duties. Secnic will likewise build up a product security system for the association which helps the association in choosing the security controls and security testing cycles of the greater part of their applications. The procedure required for secure programming advancement and sending in particular secure coding rules, source code adaptation controlling procedure, change and discharge administration, programming permit administration and so on will be characterized as a component of this stage.

Usage Plan and Roadmap

Secnic will give preparing and mindfulness sessions as a major aspect of this stage to various stream of clients. Secure coding preparing will be particular for the designers, stage particular preparing will be directed for the engineers and also the deployers and general security mindfulness preparing will be accommodated different workers in the association.

An ace execution guide will be produced considering the present state appraisal, risk evaluation, SSA benchmarks and prepare and the characterized administration structure. The ground breaking strategy will to a great extent incorporate the accompanying:

• Implementation of required hierarchical structure to ope-rationalize the characterized working model for Software Security Assurance.

• Implementation of new/upgraded SSA forms.

• Implementation of new advancements.

• Improvements in the current advancements.

SSA Plynt Certification

Secnic additionally proposes to ensure the Software Security Assurance Program of the association through “SSAP Plynt Certification”. Development of the program and hazard evaluation will be led preceding the confirmation. The affirmation will be legitimate for a time of one year, after which the confirmation should be recharged by leading a development evaluation and risk appraisal.