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The human component is a noteworthy reason for security breaks

Keep your system safe via preparing your whole association with Secnic Security Awareness online preparing. The modules can be incorporated into your association’s learning framework. We can even alter the preparation, and give specialized instruments and different administrations to meet your organization’s security mindfulness needs and objectives.

Your restrictive data is at danger consistently; and it’s not simply information that you lose. Information ruptures cost cash, clients, and even piece of the pie. Sadly, numerous breaks result from an absence of worker attention to the security dangers characteristic in their activities.

Data security requests that representatives rehearse proactive, security-cognizant conduct. The Secnic Security Awareness Program prepares your employees to comprehend data security issues and carry on in a way that minimizes dangers—all as per current administrative prerequisites.

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  • Smartphone Security
  • Securing Information on the Internet
  • Dangers, Vulnerabilities, and Countermeasures

Enhance your security stance with the Security Awareness Program

In light of security industry best practices and worldwide security models, the Security Awareness electronic preparing teaches employees on large portions of today’s key security issues, including data insurance, long range informal communication, infection assurance, secret word security, web program security, email security, versatile security and that’s just the beginning. The Security Awareness Program, will raise representative familiarity with the truth of dangers, vulnerabilities and outcomes, and help them take dynamic parts in securing your venture data.

Extra Training Courses Include:

Data Privacy Learning about data protection as it identifies with yourself will help you to better comprehend the necessities of your clients and business accomplices. This course characterizes individual data, depicts how individual data is gathered and utilized, distinguishes protection laws and how they identify with your association, and delineates best practices for keeping up the security of individual data.

HIPAA – HITECH Awareness Training – Learn more about the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and HITECH (the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) instructional class which gives data with respect to the security and protection necessities for patient data. View Demo.

PCI Data Security Standard Awareness – Learn more about the Symantec’s PCI Data Security Standard mindfulness preparing for associations that must conform to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

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